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tuner/programmer choices

  • hypertech

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  • superchips

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  • bully dog

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current performance mods:
fujita short ram air intake
magnaflow custom exhaust system

looking to purchase a programmer/tuner for my truck, looking for your opinions and advices; as well as pros and cons of the different units.

also what's the major difference between bully dog gt and power pup unit?

thank you in advance.

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This topic as been discussed countless times. As far as plug and play tuners are concerned (i.e. Superchips, Bullydog, and Hypertech), they are all going to give you pretty much the same power gains. If all you plan on doing is an intake and exhaust to help you get back some power lost by adding larger tires, any of these will work fine for you. Just pick the one that has the bells and whistles you like. If you want something more just do a quick search for Uprev. Really, if you need any more info on this subject a quick search will provide you with tons of information.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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