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'99 Frontier 4WD 3.3L Auto Transmission. This is a really nice looking truck. I have spent about $2500 since I bought it on just about everything. I get a lot of attention because of all the work.

Problem: the auto transmission is good except it sometimes will not sync and I think it is when it is going from 1st to 2nd. I still have power because it is still making forward progress. But, there is the sound of gears not meshing very clear. Then, I slow down, take my foot off the gas and ker-chunk it always drops into gear. It used to happen not very often and now it seems it may be happening a little more often. It does it once or so and then it is OK. The rest of the time, it is smooth as silk. It doesn't slip or cause any other problems. I have already serviced the transmission with new fluid, filter, the works thinking that may fix it, it didn't

Question: I am thinking I need to start inverviewing shops to see what they say. I am afraid of the liars telling me I need a $3000 rebuild when it may be a $300 repair. I would like to know - what am I getting into? What can I do if anything to keep from getting hosed?

I had a line on a good guy out in the country that came recommended but he didnt work on imports - just didnt want to buy all the extra tools and he had plenty of domestic work. Now I am thinking of getting out the yellow pages but I am seeing a $3000 bill if I go to any of the big shops.

I would appreciate your help.
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