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Adjusting clutch pedal

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So I read a post on how to adjust my clutch pedal. My truck was engaging the clutch way too high making all of my shifts jerky and just making the truck uncomfortable to drive. I looked at the threaded bar connecting to the clutch pedal and it was extended all the way in. I brought it in a good bit by threading it in and now she shifts great. Really made a world of difference. However i noticed there was a switch that when the pedal was released it would engage the swit h. Now the pedal is lower it no longer hits that switch. I have no idea what the switch does or why its there. Can anyone enlighten me? I tried adjusting the bar so the pedal still hit the switch but it shifted like crap and my truck jerked around every time I shifted.
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I did adjust it. I adjusted it all the way towards the pedal but it still didnt touch. If its my cruise. Could i just tape the switch down or maybe jb weld a nut or something on the pedals perch so it depresses the switch. Seems to be poorly designed
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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