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Hey everyone,

I recently had my 3+3+33's installed and i'm now getting some squeaking when going over bumps. I emailed and they gave my some helpful info. I did not install the lift myself, but with some direction i should be fine in tweaking this with a little help from you guys.

Here is what they had to say:
Thank you for your purchase and I will try to help you with your squeaking
problems. First thing to do is to grease the fittings found on pivot
points of the two upper a arms with white marine lithium grease. Next I
would suggest you take the torque wrench and torque all the body bolts that
were replaced during body lift installations. You will also want to torque
U bolts in the rear and pivot bolts for the upper a arms in the front. This
should take care of your squeaking problems.
If we can be of any further assistance please let us know. Nissan Parts, Nissan Truck Parts, Nissan Suspension Kits, 4x4 Parts |

Thank you
Since i'm new to the trucking scene, i just need a couple things clarified.
1- Greasing the pivot points, is it the nipples i see?
2- I am not sure where/what the U bolts are in the rear and the pivot bolts for the upper a arms.
3- Is there a torque spec i should be using or is going be feel ok?

If this helps....

Thanks for any help

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