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Adding intermittent wipers to '04 Frontier

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I have the absolute base truck. Steel wheels, no bedliner, no tinted rear glass or sliding rear glass window, and I'm told that it didn't even come with a bumper! Apparently Nissan made a few so that they could legally sell the XE as an upgrade. Anyhow, it didn't come with intermittent wipers - just off low and high.

So I'm pleased to say I completed my first "mod" today by swapping out my windshield wiper stalk with an intermittent one from an '03 Xterra. From reviewing the factory service manuals, it appears that Nissan changed designs on the wiper switch for the 2002 model run, and integrated the wiper delay amplifier into the switch assembly - so it's truly a plug and play swap. I was able to get both switches (new headlamp stalk has fog light switch for a later installation) for $40 shipped out of a junk yard.

I did a good bit of searching for this and never found it mentioned, but if this is a duplicate, please don't flame the newbie...

If anyone else has an '02-'04 Frontier without the intermittent wiper option - this should work for you too!

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It does have A/C - I think that would have been a deal killer in here in South Carolina!

Now that you mention it, I did see one on without it - I think the truck may have been in Wyoming or somewhere like that...

What's funny is that I see another one that looks identical to it in my parent's neighborhood sometimes. I guess it's someone that visits one of their neighbors. I wonder how many of them were made?


Speaking of A/C - mine has a belt squeal issue with the air conditioning. I hear it chrip sometimes when the compressor cycles on and off, and on really hot days the belt will squeal pretty loudly for a few seconds when taking off from a stop.

I assume I just need to put new belts on it, but I thought it was interesting that I found several mentions of this specifically on the '04 model year when I google searched it. Have you had this on your '04?

I've had it on mine since the truck was new. It slowly got worse but improved after I tightened the belts. It's back quite a bit more now so, at 50k, I'll have to look in there and see if the belts are in good enough shape for another adjustment or if it's time to replace them.

Good job on the wipers :excellent:
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