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actual worth for '08 LE CC 4x2 with low miles.

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I have a 2008 4x2 Frontier CC LE w/ approimately 18k in northern VA. No accidents, no mechanical issues. I've put a DVD player in it (not bypassed, installed as suggested), speakers, sub, dual amps. There are two minor surface issues (one on tailgate, one ding on door) that I would get fixed and the frt bumber has a small crack (probably 2" long)in it near one of the fogs.

Here's what KBB has for private party sales:

Excellent $21,895
Good $20,945
Fair $19,645

And what's listed for trade-in

Excellent $18,875
Good $17,975
Fair $16,475

How close to this value do you think is possible? I's rather not trade in and lose that kinda $$$ if I don't have to.
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When I traded my Titan. 06 4x4 se cc with 34k on it in very good condition the dealer offered me 10k for it. That dealer did not get my service. So when I found the current frontier I am driving and that dealer gave me more fro the Titan than what I payed for it. Just do you shopping around to get the best deals. Up in the PNW we have outragous prices on trucks commpared to other parts of the country.
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