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actual worth for '08 LE CC 4x2 with low miles.

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I have a 2008 4x2 Frontier CC LE w/ approimately 18k in northern VA. No accidents, no mechanical issues. I've put a DVD player in it (not bypassed, installed as suggested), speakers, sub, dual amps. There are two minor surface issues (one on tailgate, one ding on door) that I would get fixed and the frt bumber has a small crack (probably 2" long)in it near one of the fogs.

Here's what KBB has for private party sales:

Excellent $21,895
Good $20,945
Fair $19,645

And what's listed for trade-in

Excellent $18,875
Good $17,975
Fair $16,475

How close to this value do you think is possible? I's rather not trade in and lose that kinda $$$ if I don't have to.
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I'm not definitely getting rid of it yet, but I want a 4x4. I don't think I can swing 2 notes (no down, close to $400/mo on the '08 currently) to keep this one and get my 4x4. My wife automatically assumes that we're dumping the Alti and be a 2 Frontier family. That's not a bad set up except I'm partial to my Altima's gas mileage.

If I don't move the 4x2, then I have to wait a year. Depending on how the year goes, I will or will not have to sell the car.
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