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ACC Source For Distribution Block

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I'm am planning to wire a ACC distribution block in my frontier and have a question.

My plan is to run a 12 gauge wire with 30 amp fuse. Fuse tapped into one of the ACC fuse located by the passenger side.

My question is will the thin gauge factory wire of the ACC source support up to 4 ACC input? I will be mainly powering my backup camera, radar detector, iDatalink Maestro and rear view mirror.

Thanks in advance.
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Run the power straight from the battery and switch it with a relay. That way you are only pulling a small amount of amperage off the OEM wiring.
Any instructions on how to wire up the relay? Thanks.
Found a diagram.

Basically Pin 87 goes to battery
Pin 86 Ground
Pin 85 ACC source
Pin 30 to distribution block

Is that correct?
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