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Ac Stink

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Hey guys and gals. I've been experienceing a small odour when using the ac. I know the issue was common on the jeeps i've owned in the past but never had one happen this new. I've got a 2009. Is this something that would be covered under the warranty?
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Yup the cabin air filters are supposed to be changed every year or 15k miles, whichever comes first.

Something I've made a habit out of doing is running the fan only (engine off, no compressor) on a higher setting a couple times a month, usually right before washing the truck, and spray some lysol into the cowl. Only takes a few minutes to do and keeps everything clean. Just raise the hood to get to all the air intake holes. Oh and before you do that make sure there aren't any leaves or any other debris blocking them... as the stuff sits there it gets moldy and that will introduce even more stink into your vehicle.
I'll give it a shot, But I tested this morning driving to work. with the windows rolled up and a/c off no stink. When I roll down the driver side window the stinks powers through the truck. I wiped down the inside of the doors with lysol hopefully that works. But I guess i may have to take the inside door panel off and clean it up. we'll see.
It's probably that little felt type feeling strip that the window rolls against... try rolling the window all the way down and spray lysol into the the crack where the window is. Make sure to saturate the felt part. Also could try just spraying it completely around the gaskets where the window meets.

My moms car is really bad about that and I have to do this to hers about every month.

I've noticed a moldy smell a little on my truck, but usually don't roll it all the way down to where that felt part is exposed so I haven't had to do anything with it yet. You'd think they would make it with anti-microbial material so it not only protects the window from scratch marks, but also keeps it mold free.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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