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Ac Stink

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Hey guys and gals. I've been experienceing a small odour when using the ac. I know the issue was common on the jeeps i've owned in the past but never had one happen this new. I've got a 2009. Is this something that would be covered under the warranty?
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My truck stinks when I dont have the air on, when I have the windows down and and air filters through the truck. I think its starting to make me sick, I know that a little mold collects on the inside of the doors and I clean them regulary but it still stinks like mold. Any suggestions?
If the smell is not coming from the A/C ducts, you can try spraying Lysol throughout your truck. Starting on the headliner, visors, seats and carpeting. Roll up all the windows and let it sit overnight. Should do the trick.
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