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Ac Stink

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Hey guys and gals. I've been experienceing a small odour when using the ac. I know the issue was common on the jeeps i've owned in the past but never had one happen this new. I've got a 2009. Is this something that would be covered under the warranty?
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you can avoid getting the moldy A/C smell by: always use max a/c as it recirculates interior clean/already cooled air. before reaching your destination (5 mins.) turn the a/c off, turn on the rcirculate button and fan on 3, this will dry off the cooling coils hindering mold growth. i have 50K on my Frontier,-no smell, this has worked on every car i've had.
think about what that moisture does when you turn off your truck in 90 degree weather and it sits, grows mold and mildew...eventually..
Cabin filter was changed recently. I figured it was a mold smell, and have used lisol in the past with the jeeps I've had but figured if it was a warranty issue I'd let the dealer do it.
i don't know if you can easily get to the coils to clean them, i do know you can buy foaming cooling coil cleaner that will clean and deodorize them. if after cleaning you don't practice the method i posted earlier about drying the coils after each use, they will start to stink the second summer after cleaning.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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