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Ac question

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Not sure if this is normal, but kicked on th ac today and noticed the cycle time is really short and the compressor clutch is very loud. I am used to cycle times where the compressor will be "on" for several minutes before cycling and mine seems to cycle on and off every 10 secs or so with a very loud click. Anyone else experience this? Wonder if the system wasn't charged right fro
the factory or something.
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I only notice the loud part from the ac kicking in the first time I turn it on.. if I pay close attention I can tell when it cycles, but it isn't near as loud as the the initial start up.
Every 10 seconds sounds like it has a low charge, definitely something I'd make a trip back to the dealer for.
Well that's interesting... If it makes you feel any better my old truck cycled like that the entire time over the 9 years I had it, idling or not. I'm sure it had a low charge but it wasn't enough to keep it from cooling at least.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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