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Ac question

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Not sure if this is normal, but kicked on th ac today and noticed the cycle time is really short and the compressor clutch is very loud. I am used to cycle times where the compressor will be "on" for several minutes before cycling and mine seems to cycle on and off every 10 secs or so with a very loud click. Anyone else experience this? Wonder if the system wasn't charged right fro
the factory or something.
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Mine doesn't do that, but it sure is loud on engagement. I don't think the high idle circuit when you start the truck helps. Why does the truck need to idle at 2000rpm cold even in the summer? Anyway, that cycle time doesn't sound normal to me. It can vary depending on weather conditions though....
Not sure I buy the dealership answer. They always try to tell you what you want to hear. Most of those guys are idiots behind the counter....
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