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AC Compressor is not getting power

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2006 Frontier, 4.0 V6

I am getting no power to the AC compressor, so the clutch will not engage. I traced it upstream and am also getting no power at the pressure switch. But I do have power on both sides of the AC fuse. I have been unable to locate the AC relay and am wondering if this truck does not have one, at least not a separate one. Might this be IPMD related?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
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Did they have an IPDM on the '06 models?

My 2011 service manual shows an AC relay inside the IPDM.
On the 2011 and 2012 models, the IPDM is located in the engine compartment, passenger side, near the firewall.

It would really help of you could download a 2006 factory service manual.
Typically, there is a wire going to the IPDM that controls a particular relay - i.e., applies voltage to the relay coil to energize that relay.

If you're measuring voltage on that wire - but not getting any voltage out of the relay - then the relay itself is suspect.

Sometimes, just giving the outside of the relay a hard smack will jar its contacts enough to get voltage out of it again - which also confirms that it needs to be replaced.
Are you sure you measured the correct wire in the harness? Some sensors get fed 5 volts as a "reference voltage" on one pin, and use it to produce a lower voltage on another pin that varies with whatever they're measuring.

Also, how close was the sensor's resistance measurement to what the chart says it should be at that temperature?
If the intake sensor is producing the resistance the chart says it should, then your problem probably isn't the sensor.

Once again - Your vehicle has an AC relay, located inside the IPDM. It's shown on Page MTC-39 of your factory service manual (among other places). Being mechanical devices with moving pieces, relays are one of the most failure-prone electrical parts - which is why I'd confirm that it's not the culprit first.
1 - 5 of 37 Posts
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