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Yesterday I started my truck and smelled a weird chemical smell, after driving a few yards I noticed what appeared to be smoke coming from my hood. I pulled over and it looks like the oring on my ac high side hose going into the condenser blew out. When I turned the truck off I could hear a loud hissing noise and could feel air rushing out from where the line couples into the condensor. This is a new truck to me. Ive only had it a month so Im not sure the history but it looks like it has a new compressor and the refrigerant appears to have had dye in it. I first thought my radiator had a hole in it due to green liquid dripping out. My question is this. Is this a common thing that happens? Can I just replace the o ring? Do I need a whole new hose? Auto zone has a pack of o rings but I wasnt sure if those would work or if I need to get a special size. Any special instructions I need to know about replacing the o ring? Looks like pep boys has a vacuum pump for the ac for around $80. I figured I would pick one up and have it on hand if I ever need it again. Thanks for your help.
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