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This seemed like the appropriate section to be posting this - if not, I apologize. Just wanted to tell you all about what's going on with my 2007 2WD SE right now and what I'm experiencing at the dealer. This is a long post, as it has a pretty detailed account of my problem.

I've had a bonanza of dash lights go off recently(ABS, SLIP, BRAKE, and eventually SES). It started out as just ABS and SLIP, then the others joined in over the period of about a week, starting on New Year's Day. It finally got to the point where SES was on all the time, and the others would come on at any point during a drive - when they did, it was all of them at the same time, and my speedometer would also stop working(it would just shoot down to zero). It would remain this way until I shut the truck off. Whenever I went to start it again(whether it be 10 minutes later or 10 hours), sometimes there would be no dash lights and other times the ones I described above would all immeditaely illuminate. There really hasn't been much rhyme or reason to it, other than they have been coming on everyday at some point.

Now, I have searched these forums and found some similar cases, although nothing quite like mine. But enough that I would think my situation will maybe shed some light on those others who have had ABS, etc. lights go off on their dash, and vise versa. Before I go on, it's worth noting that my truck already had the ABS control module replaced when it was new - had about 3K on it. That replacement was brought on by pretty much the same thing, although it was only the ABS and SLIP lights that I was getting at the time. In addition, there was definitely something wrong going on with the brakes at the time(no doubt linked to the ABS light on my dash and subsequent replacement of the control unit - I could hear and feel a grinding through the brake pedal.

After the ABS control module was replaced under warranty, all the problems went away. That was a little less than 2 years and a little over 20K miles ago. Now I'm having similar problems again, as I described above. So...

I took it to another local dealer(the one that replaced the control module was shut down), and they proceeded to pull codes and check sensors. The first diagnosis was the ABS pressure sensor, which they replaced. This did nothing, as they were still getting the dash lights. They continued to pull codes from the engine computer, as well as get in touch with Nissan's factory tech line. They determined that there were some bad pin connections housed within the wiring harness that were causing the problems. Before they went about testing each individual connection/connector, a Nissan field service rep who happened to be there that day recommended that they simply just replace the whole wiring harness instead, which they did. As I'm getting information from the service writer, I'm filled with hope that the wiring harness has been the problem the whole time, and that THAT is what should have been replaced at 3K miles instead of the control module, which would provide an explanation of why the problems came back after a couple years.

So I picked up the truck last night. Dealer had it for a week. I drove 6 miles south on the freeway, exited, and parked at a Starbucks. Everything was fine - speedo worked, no dash lights. AWESOME. Ten minutes later, I came back out with my vanilla latte and started up the truck. BOOM. ABS, SLIP, BRAKE lights all come on immediately. As I back out, I see that the speedo doesn't work either. It still wasn't fixed after the wiring harness replacement! So obviously, I'm not happy. Also obviously, it's going back to the dealer for round 3(round 2 for this particular dealer, but 3rd attempt at fixing the problem overall). To add to my point about there being no rhyme or reason as to when it will act up, it was fine all the way to work today(about 25 miles), with the exception of when I first started it up - all the lights came on right away. However, they went off within 20 seconds of pulling away. At lunch and on the way home, the SLIP light(and no other lights) came on about halfway through the drive. Just weird.

Again, sorry for all the details and for the length, but my hope is that someone with a similar problem will be able to relate and think of a new possibility based on my experience, or that one of you will be able to tell me something neither the dealer nor myself is thinking of(I read about someone sanding down the ABS grounding wire in the fender - I might try that before I take the truck back tomorrow night). I'll keep you all posted on what happens next.

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