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ABS and SLIP lights lit up..

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Okay, maybe this should go on the end of my alternator post but thought I would try it here first. Just took the truck out for a quick spin after installoing a remanufactured Alternator and cleaning the battery terminal connections. RUns like a banshee, better then it has in some time (maybe just in my head but it sure felt like it), anyway, turning down my street I noticed that the ABS and SLIP lights were lit up, pulled int he driveway, shut her off, restarted and they lit up again. At least they are not the Devil Red colored ones I have been seeeing the last three months or so on and off (BRAKE and the little battery light), they a re a calming Yellow.

Any Ideas??
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This happened to me 3 x's when I first bought my 2008, they did the reset and replaced the steering angle sensor twice, thankfully nothing has happened in over a year, but if you can't fix it with the reset take it to the dealer and get it fixed for sure.
According to the dealer when I took mine in the 2nd time and they had to order the sensor (or so they told me) they told me it would be fine and I could keep driving it, just that the traction control wouldn't work.
So what ever happened? Did it fix itself or did you go to the dealer?
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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