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ABS activates under medium braking and 100% traction

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Hello there,
I've searched the forums a bit and couldn't find an answer - sorry if this has been covered.

I'm having an issue with my ABS:
Under arguably 'medium' braking, and with the slightest turn of the wheel, the ABS activates even though all tires are on dry pavement and have 100% traction. This actually could be quite dangerous if I have to increase braking while steering because sometimes the ABS activation can increase stopping distance while traction is 100%.

All tires are at the correct PSI

My brake light is on, however, so that might possibly be a symptom of the underlying issue. (It's the red "BRAKE" light that is on....not the ABS light)

Another side question...what are all factors that could turn on the red "BRAKE" light. (My parking brake is not engage, although maybe I should inspect the switch...)

Thanks all!
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I had a 2013 xterra that did that because of a bad wheel sensor. It would do it until the system recognized a problem and disabled abs. It would happen every time I started driving for the first 3 or 4 stops.

If your abs light is on you can grab the code and see what the problem is. Could be more than one thing with a truck this old. They are also known to have a host of abs issues.
As mentioned by Nissan4life, Before replacing the sensor you should remove it, inspect it and the wires for damage, clean it good, clean the hole it sits in, and clean the tone ring that it reads.

If you still have the problem, the sensor is probably broken. There may be a way to verify that with a multi meter, but I’m not sure what it is. Hopefully someone can chime in. Maybe check resistance versus the sensor on the other side.

Looks like rockauto has a beck/arnley replacement for just under 70 bucks.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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