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About to purchase a 2001 Frontier SE 4X4....Have some ques??

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I'm trading in my 2001 Prerunner (2 door/ 4 cyllinder) with 90K on it but I've never owned a Nissan vehicle before. Ive been a Toyota guy mostly and never had any major issues with them. I also owned a 2000 4Runner with 150K with almost zero issues that I traded it in for a Acura MDX last year.

The Frontier CrewCab has 73K on it right now and the 60K service has been done by the dealership. Is there any recall info/problems I should know before pulling the trigger?

Also should I expect the same reliability as I had with the prev Toyota's I owned in the past?

I'm test-driving the vehicle this Friday and depending on the responses, I may pull the trigger.

Thanks in advance.
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you wont regret it, ive got a 00 crew cab and ive only had one problem except for stuff ive done lol. something electrical went wrong with my truck, cost me 140 bucks to put it in the shop and get it fixed. and now its back to running like a champ. cheap fix for not ever having any other problem thru the whole 100k+ miles it has on it.
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