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About to purchase a 2001 Frontier SE 4X4....Have some ques??

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I'm trading in my 2001 Prerunner (2 door/ 4 cyllinder) with 90K on it but I've never owned a Nissan vehicle before. Ive been a Toyota guy mostly and never had any major issues with them. I also owned a 2000 4Runner with 150K with almost zero issues that I traded it in for a Acura MDX last year.

The Frontier CrewCab has 73K on it right now and the 60K service has been done by the dealership. Is there any recall info/problems I should know before pulling the trigger?

Also should I expect the same reliability as I had with the prev Toyota's I owned in the past?

I'm test-driving the vehicle this Friday and depending on the responses, I may pull the trigger.

Thanks in advance.
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i have an 02' cc 2x4 V6. it has 78k on it now and the only issuse i had are the power windows. most of the time it will be the reuglator. its a $90 part at the dealership. they will try and tell you its the motor ($300) but most of the time its not the case. i have even seen a faulty switch, that was $125. just dont let them hose you.
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