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:censor::censor::censor::censor: I'm in the process of changing it right now... thought it was going to take me about 5-6 hours, but 6 hours later, in trying to take the connectors off the injectors. One broke. F***. The upper intake manifold is a pain to get off due to the lines that go under it and are bolted to it. Why? IDK. 6 bolts, and 3 of them are impossible to get to. Had to move it around and all that good stuff.
After taking the uppers intake manifold off, I realized that it is black inside. Some mix of black oily gunk. I hope that is normal and it comes from the EGR. But... doubt it.
I shall post pics tomorrow, after I have the actual lower intake manifold off.
Thinking of rebuilding the heads while I'm at it too. Maybe a new timing belt also.
Wish me luck guys. :comphead: :teary:

here are the pics.

after a swipe inside the manifold... ^^

lower intake manifold ^^

the outside part of the throttle body ^^

and the inside part of the throttle body ^^


EDIT: After getting the lower intake manifold out, I finally get to the knock sensor. Tested resistance - 0 ohm. Tested resistance on new one - 480 M.ohm. Succes
Replacing it, then putting everything back. :fantastic:

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