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2002 crew cab, long bed, 2wd, no mods.
I am putting on an AAL from and cranking the torsion bars to get about 2" of lift. I also ordered the longer U bolts (I am leaving the overload spring on.) I am not changing the shocks. I am not going to do any off roading.
1. Do I have to remove the longest leaf spring (thereby removing the entire leaf pack) from the two anchor points on frame and shackles to insert the AAL?
2. Will I need to use the longer U bolts? I have about 1/4" of threads exposed now, but I plan on leaving the overload spring on.
3. Can I run 265/70/16 after the lift? Will they rub? I've got Enkei 16x7 with 4 3/4" backspace with 245/70/16 now.
4. when cranking the torsion bars, how many cranks to raise it 2"? The bracket bolt position on each side do not "match"...the passenger side seems to be recessed into the body more than the driver's that normal?
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