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A spike took out one tire! An idea!

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On my 2014 Frontier with 3/4 tire life left; I picked up a nail/spike that could not be repaired. No choice but to order a new tire, so ordered the same Goodrich rubber the truck came with OEM. This would leave me with 3 tires with 3/4 tread and one new one. I thought about it and realized my spare was full-size...! So I talked the shop into moving the spare off the steel rim onto the alloy and mount it on front with other new one. So now I have TWO new ones on the front and a 3/4 tread spare! I can live with that! The shop balked a bit but finally realized I would not order new tire UNLESS this was done. So they did it and no charge for mounting or balancing the spare... Got lucky there. A plug for Big O tires!!! Plus they matched the price for same tire at Costco...

Bear in mind this would probably not be a viable option if the spare was 10 years old or some such...
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that statement is 100% relative to the situation. in all of my experiences drifting and driving i would way rather have oversteer.
Agreed. Oversteer is controlled by a little steering wheel input, understeer, well, hello wall... But, the oversteer/understeer theory is solid for the general public who has no idea what any kind of sliding feels like or how to control the vehicle in that situation.
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