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A spike took out one tire! An idea!

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On my 2014 Frontier with 3/4 tire life left; I picked up a nail/spike that could not be repaired. No choice but to order a new tire, so ordered the same Goodrich rubber the truck came with OEM. This would leave me with 3 tires with 3/4 tread and one new one. I thought about it and realized my spare was full-size...! So I talked the shop into moving the spare off the steel rim onto the alloy and mount it on front with other new one. So now I have TWO new ones on the front and a 3/4 tread spare! I can live with that! The shop balked a bit but finally realized I would not order new tire UNLESS this was done. So they did it and no charge for mounting or balancing the spare... Got lucky there. A plug for Big O tires!!! Plus they matched the price for same tire at Costco...

Bear in mind this would probably not be a viable option if the spare was 10 years old or some such...
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Agreed. Oversteer is controlled by a little steering wheel input, understeer, well, hello wall... But, the oversteer/understeer theory is solid for the general public who has no idea what any kind of sliding feels like or how to control the vehicle in that situation.
Well really understeer is controlled by throttle/brakes, don't go into the corner so fast that your front tires don't have enough grip to continue your intended path of direction. The general public doesn't even know when their engine stops running.
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