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Hi everyone,

I just purchased a 01 Frontier 4x4 SC king cab. Besides getting used to the gas guzzling, I'm loving this truck big time. Its my first truck, but before that i've had many NA and turbo'ed cars. I have owned a nissan 240sx for the last 12 is a show quality 1/4 mile trailer queen. So now i have my king to pull her around...haha. Anyhow, since i'm new i have a couple newb Q's i'd like to throw out there.

1- What is the largest tire that can fit on the stock 17" wheel on stock suspension?
2- What is the best spark plug suggested and the recommended gap?
3- How do you change the oil in the eaton super charger?
4- Know of any aftermarket rear bumpers?
5- Is the swap for an 05+ super charger plug and play or is a new manifold needed?

Thanks, i'm not new to forums and this is my first post, so if the obligatory "search" option is best for me...just let me know and i'll search away.

Pics of the Front are soon coming.....:hi:

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