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A liitle help, please

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I posted this over in Driveline Discussions and I'm not getting any info so hopefully the change in venue will get me some answers.

I've got a 2007 4x4 NISMO with 120k on her(i've put 2k on it myself), here's the issue.

Went out to a offroad park on Saturday, no wheeling just checking it out, I hit a rut on my way out at about 10mph, bounced my head off the headliner. Driving home I noticed when the truck downshifted, 4th to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd I would get a intermittent thump/clunk. It did this all the way back to work, I tried driving with o/d off and that seemed to help. When I drove home, after the truck cooled of it didn't do it anymore, so I thought the tranny was having a brain fart. I drove to and from work on Monday with clunks, I live 5 miles from work. Tuesday I took the truck to town (12 miles) it started clunking on downshift sometimes, and studdering on upshift. took the truck to dinner last night, it started clucking on the way home. Any ideas on why its doing this and only when hot? The only mod to the truck is I have flashed the ecu with the xs gas saver superchips tune. I currently have it in the shop having the tranny flushed and filled, and getting her checked out underneath making sure I didn't break anything.

Thanks, hoki
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Most people when they run a tuner on their truck its usually for better performance rather than economy. Try returning the truck back to original, as in taking the tune out the truck & see if it still has the 'clunk' when shifting. The tune might've changed something & the TCU is trying to compensate for it?? Just a wild guess off the top of my head.
That was my initial thought as well. Then I remembered reading in the past that several people have had their tuners do some weird things to their trucks & thought maybe taking it back to stock could, at the very least, eliminate the tuner from being the problem. If he hit a rut hard enough to cause him to "hit the roof with his head" it could've knocked an axle loose or bent it, screwed up a CV or U-joint, maybe even broken the carrier bearing & now the drive shaft has a lot of slop in it causing the 'clunk' when shifting. Drive-line issues, unfortunately, have a whole string of possibilities.
Huh. That's pretty weird that it does it when hot rather than cold. Usually its the other way around since the metal expands when hot & tends to fill-up any gaps between parts. Did the shop you took it to look at anything else on the drive-line? Did they inspect the axles, driveshaft, CV & UV joints, etc, etc?? Have you had anybody take it for a test drive & try to diagnose it? How about when driving in 4hi, 4lo, or 2hi?? How does it act when driving in those modes?? Are you sure its coming from the transmission & not from another related part? Did you buy it from an individual or from a dealership? If from a dealership maybe you can take back to them & have them take a look at it & hopefully fix it under a warranty claim, although that is dependent upon what type of warranty coverage you got when you bought it.

I know theres a lot of questions being asked here, but trying to diagnose 'clunks', 'bangs', & 'bumps' on an internet forum isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. Plus you didn't tell us any of this information either.:-D
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