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A few questions on my 98

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I've got a 4cyl 98' extended cab I'm replacing the rear leaf spring on. Is there I need to look out for when doing this? I changed the leaf springs in my Jeep so I have an "idea" of what to expect but thought I'd see if there's anything on Frontiers that usually is a problem. Does anyone know what size all the blots and u-bolts are? I might as well order them now in case I need to cut them off.

My second project is the front of the truck is sagging. Almost to the point that my front tires end up in hitting the wheel housing when turning and hitting a bump. Is there a way to fix this?

Third is the front drivers side ball joint I'm told is bad. How hard is this to replace?

Thanx for the help.
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the leaf springs on the fronty should be about the same as the jeep im guessing. not sure what size the bolts and stuff are, and the ball joints arent hard to change.
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