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a fathers day trail ride

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this year is going to be my first fathers day and the girlfriend has all sorts of plans for dinner and stuff afterwards but i'm thinking i'm going to head out to a near by newly opened off road park and hit the trails. Home Page thats the website for the place, i've never been there and they don't have much for pics at all so i emailed them to see how stock mid sized truck friendly their trails are since everyone around here has massive domestics on 37" or larger. i'm hoping the trails aren't too rutted or anything for my stock ride height frontier, i'm an SE so i have the front skid but none of the others. when i told my girlfriend i think she got the wrong idea and thought that she was going with me so i'm going to have to break the news that this is my guy time for fathers day since she has the whole night planned. i've got a few buddies that are first year dads too that i was thinking about getting out there with me. would like atleast one buddy with me if i get ballzy and end up biting off a bit more than i can chew and need to be pulled out of anything. but provided i don't get any bad news when they email me back i'll have some pics to post up after this weekend of my father's day fun and i can let you all know how the park is for all you st louis/st charles mo area people and maybe we'll have to plan a frontier weekend out there or something.
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well the plan is set for hitting up Potawatomi Offroad Park in fulton MO on sunday. currently its looking like it will be me in my frontier, buddy in his cherokee on 31s and possibly another buddy in a pretty built up cj with a couple guys riding along. a guy from clubxterra may be joining us aswell. so if your in the area and would like to come out also well be arriving at the park around 10:30 and sticking around till about 4. it should be a good time. the park is set up so that its good for stock rides up to the crazy ones with bypasses of the harder obstacles for the stock guys to go through something a bit easier. feel free to text me or give me a ring if anyone decides to head out there. 314-503-4659
she actually wanted to go till she found out how hot it was going to be and we were having a hard time finding a sitter on fathers day since alot of people have plans but she really wants to go next time i plan on going out after this. she loves the idea of a day of off roading. if it wasn't going to be so hot and my daughter was older (she's only three months) then the would both be going along. so i'm just going to do the guy thing and then its just me and the fam for the rest of the day.
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