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A different kind of airbag light issue

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Here’s the story. I replaced my left rear door last week and did NOT unhook the battery while doing so. Now my airbag light is blinking. The best i’ve Been able to do with the re-set procedure is get it into the diagnostic mode. I can’t get it to re-set.

I did have to swap over the seatbelt assembly from the old door to the new door, as the new door seat belt was locked up, I guess from the collision. It never dawned on me that the seatbelts are tied to the airbag system. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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in my limited xp i had to go to the dealership to get the airbag lights off. ( i replaced my radio and the one sensor about passenger side is right there and now it just flash. ) Last time i actually had the truck in for a a issue due to wiring harness and they reset it while fixed it. (wonders if that possible cauing my issues now must ponder this )
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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