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A-DAPT-IT USA Wheel Adapters

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6 by 4.5" to 6 by 6.5" Wheel Adapter and Spacer

Anybody know anything about this company?

Also, are there any advantages to Hub Centric for those of you guys running adapters?
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you need hub centric spacers because the hubs on the gen 2s are hub centric if you run non hub centric spacers you will have very bad wobbles and other issues. has been the choice here as no one with their spacers has had a problem
Fred Goeske at is the best. I actually went there personally for him to help me when my rims were rubbing on my calipers. He made me up some custom wheel adapters that were hub and wheel centric, meaning they're snug around the hub and snug inside the wheel. They machined them in front of my eyes and they're well made and hes a good old guy. Many stories hahaha. All adapters are generally the same unless there made in china. But I reccommend
Everyone seems to be saying the same thing. Just got a REAL good price on 4 OEM 17" Titan 6x5.5 wheels and want to be able to use them...or sell them for a better price. ;)
Old thread but does anyone run these? I have a set of 2 from fred at for the front i picked up from here but heard the back you can almost use whatever or should i just order a set of 2 from him?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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