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I have read the complete procedure in the Factory Service manual; however, since I am assuming that the shop that replaced the throttle body initially verified that everything else is OK; as I said, I see no fault codes, and I would hate to take the truck back to the shop so that they just move a screw less than a turn and resolve the issue.
I think I could just do that myself, and save time.

As far as the AC kit from Amazon, does that kit help you find a possible leak, or am I just assuming that, once serviced, it will be OK this time? When I bought the truck 6 months ago, they found and fixed an O ring leak, serviced it, and it was doing fine. So I am thinking that there must be another leak somewhere.

Val Barone
Unless your mechanic is going to make things right at no extra cost to you, I would get a kit or at least go to Walmart and pick up a bottle with the hose adapter and add some fluid. Add some fluid and see how long it last. The mechanic could have been stingy with the fluid. It would be cheaper to add some fluid than pay the mechanic full price.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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