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ask them how much they want for the old throttle body!!! i will buy it off u....
If the idle was OK before the throttle body was replaced, and then high afterwards, why would you assume that it was set properly by the installer? I would take it back and have them set it correctly.

As far as the A/C, you're obviously leaking refrigerant somewhere. If UV dye has been installed in the system, you should be able to locate it with special glasses and lighting. If not, you'll need a "sniffer"

Recharging with that fast of a leak is going to be a constant battle keeping the refrigerant at optimal levels...


Well, thinking I might have a vacuum leak around the throttle body, I removed the air cleaner housing to look; nothing amiss, except that the shop has put in an old throttle body and charged me for a new one. I sent them a nasty gram and they are admitting that the the part is old but forgot to inform me before installation. Nice try, I said, but I want a new one; so, they will call me when it gets in. no sense in horsing around adjusting a used throttle body when a new one will fix the problem.
The AC repair will come after that, and certainly not at the same shop, obviously.
Thanks again to you and all for the tips so far.

Val Barone
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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