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99 Altima seats in my 2000 Frontier

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Finally got my Power Leather Altima seats installed in my 2000 Frontier SE.
This was probably one of the simplest mods I have done. I used Xterra tracks/sliders to do the mod. The passenger side was a basic plug and play. I took the Altima tracks off by removing the bolts holding them to the seat bottom and the back. 4 each holding them onto the seat bottom and 2 on each side for the back rest. The Xterra seat tracks bolted right up.

The drivers side took a little more work. On the new Altima seats, I drilled out the rivets holding the feet onto the tracks and then chisled them off. The Xterra tracks had bolts holding the feet on so I removed them and then chisled them off. Then I took the Xterra feet and bolted them onto the Altima tracks. You may have to do some small modifications to the Xterra feet to bolt them up but it is real simple. One thing to remember, before you take the feet off of the Xterra seats take a measurement front to back of the floor mount holes so that when you remount them on the altima seats they are in the proper position. Hope this all makes sense.

Really like this set up because with my long legs I can set the drivers seat up just the way I want it,plus their leather and so much more comfortable.

I will have my original buckets up for sale soon if anyone is interested.

Ineed to resize the pictures and then I will post them
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Sweet man. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

If you don't mind my asking, how many hours did it take to perform this mod?
ya i def wanna see pics of this
Here are a couple of pictures.

Took me about two hours to do both seats. I still need to wire the drivers seat.


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In case someone else might want to do this take a look at "sadclownirvana's" write up in the interior mod section. He did a good job of taking pictures of what he did. He did his to an 07 frontier so it looks like this will work on several different years. His thread is "Altima seats in the work's"
Very nicely done. I love clean-looking installs.
Got the power hooked up. What a diffrence being able to adjust the seat to exactly what I need. I would recomend this to anyone who has long legs or those who just want a more comfortable ride.
very cool mod +1
Why could you not use the Altima seats and sliders with Frontier feet?
If I want leather and need more leg room - is this my only option?
Very nice!
Looks like it came from the factory with them.
Good job. :thumbsup:
You can use frontier feet on the Altima sliders. In fact the passenger seat track assy from the Frontier would more than likely bolt right up to the Altima seat bottom and back. I wanted to save my frontier seats so I could sell them as an assy for someone who might want to switch from a bench to buckets or just had worn out seats and needed some new ones. My original buckets only have 60,000 miles of butt ridin on them so they are in perfect condition.

As far as other seats that may work. I think the Maxima seat would work along with the same thing in mind. The Altima comes with power cloth drivers seat and I'm not sure but you may be able to find an Xterra power drivers seat?

I am not sure how much more leg room you get from this mod but when I set it up for my long legs it feels like I have more room. I set the the front of the seat bottom all the way up vertically so it supports the the back of my knees. I can't tell you how much more comfortable this is. Plus it has the lumbar adjustment that helps also.
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I'm jealous.
My basic 2nd gen SE seats are okay, but more control over adjustment would be really nice.
You can do the same thing with your truck. Another member put Altima seats in his 07 frontier.
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