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98 Rust bucket frontier from Wisconsin

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Hey all,

About a year ago I purchased a 98 Nissan frontier XE (4x4).

So far I've replaced the fan clutch, water pump, all belts and tensioner pulleys, shocks all the way around, EVAP vent solenoid, alternator, exhaust, new tires, and done extensive bed repair.

It's an amazing little truck. I'll post some pictures later.

Finally made an account because I've finally found a problem I am having some serious trouble solving!
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First things first. Welcome!

Second, was there any factors in deciding to replace all those parts? I mean the water pump isn't something you just up and go "think I'll change the water pump today." Also, since mjamesreuter mentioned them (and I've seen lots of conflicting advice) does anyone have any advice on doing the water pump and fan clutch together? Can they cause excessive wear to each other? Or is that a marketing thing?
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