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'98 Frontier/Seattle area

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Hi. I needed to post here first though I doubt if I'm going to stay in the forums all that long!

We're in the Seattle area. We have a '98 Frontier that would be perfect for the right person (we loved it) but it requires more work than we can provide. Am now going to head on down to the classifieds section to provide the specifics.

You seem like a great group of people and it makes me a bit sad we aren't fixing the truck. still won't let me post in classifieds. If anyone is interested, it's a '98 Frontier. It lost its front bearing but the truck did not drive on the bad motor. I mean it wouldn't have anyway but it died going into the shop. The body is straight and many superficial things are new (battery, tires, etc). It had been well-maintained. We're looking for $500 but would entertain the thought of other offers. It would either make an awesome project car or it could be parted out. We didn't have the resources to find a decent engine at a decent price, that's why we're selling.

If anyone is interested, pls PM me here or e-mail teigyr at gmail dot com.

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