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93 nissan pickup add

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This guy must think his truck is made of gold. Don't get me wrong it is a nice truck, just not worth what he thinks it is.

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nice truck but not 6500 nice. KBB may not be the best source but its saying about 2500 in mint condition (and i put it 50k miles) for that price that thing better crap out gold nuggets from the tail pipe

Wow that guy should go on the price is right for a reality check.
i emailed him, he hasnt got back to me yet.
My buddy bought his 95' last summer for $5500. It was supposed to be a one owner and had around 90k on it. Same color, XE with VTP and AC. He got it home and we looked it over, pass side was repainted with runs and tape marks. Grill was cracked, both bumpers bent, valance hammered. Oh, and it had a hole in the muffler.

I am not sure what he was thinking, he should have offered $3500 max and walked away. He just wrecked it last winter (hit a parked brand new Audi) and had to have $3k worth of repairs done to it (fender, hood, grill, etc) At least it runs good.
i emailed him, he hasnt got back to me yet.
What did you say in your email, YOUR NUTS!?
Let me know when he emails you back. It will interesting to see why he thinks it is worth so much.
i'd like to have this truck as a beater while i park my 1st gen to keep it "mint". i'd offer him 4500 or maybe even 4000, 6500 hahaha you can buy a decent 1st gen frontier for that much.
Amazingly if he waits long enough and someone specifically wants a hardbody he may get close to that price. It may not be worth it but as the saying goes, "there's an a$$ for every seat".

so true i've seen bigger rip offs sell easy. hell i've traded in a car with a badly chewed up compressor wheel on the turbo that wouldn't boost once the turbo heated up cause the wheel would touch the inside of the turbo housing (made a horrible sound lol), a tranny that popped out in 5th and grinded second, a clutch master cylinder that drained the res about 3 times a day onto the driver side carpet, and windshield wipers that didn't work and got 2k over blue book for it lol no BS and the best part about is the car i traded in was sold the day i dropped it off and picked up my new one so that guy got double rapped lol
The body is perfect, it is an excellent truck, I have way more than that in it, and they are extremely hard to find.

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why do you want so much for it?

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why do people in illinois do this

i saw a bone stock 92 yota for 9000 awhile ago yes it was in good condition but jeeze no way

also seems like when people in IL at least where i live if they see arizona vehicle they make a mess in their pants like 4 times before buying the thing
I bet he'll get it. I've seen bone stock tacomas (early 90's, 2wd) listed here for $5-6k and most of those have well over 100k. Nissan 2wd hardbodies I've seen for at least 4k on dealer lots.

I was at a dealership last sunday after hours when a man approached me asking if I was interested in selling my truck. I told him maybe, mentioned that it had 183k miles and had a hesitation issue. Then he offered me $2k on the spot. I said no thanks, don't want to talk about it right now and continued looking at cars on the lot. When I got back, he had put his phone number under my windshield wiper...

I only paid $6500 or so with 40k miles, but that was 10 years ago. Mine is 2wd, as well.
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