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Been told a few different ways to do it but I think I've found the easiest. Regardless of the different ways, here is mine. Just got done, this only took me 25 mins or so.

Tools required:
3/8 Breaker bar
3/8 Ratchet
12 mm socket
10 mm socket or wrench
5/8 Spark plug socket
3/8 6 inch ext
3/8 3 inch ext
another 3 in ext or whatever you can to add a couple more inches
one 3/8 swivel

Here are the tools needed pictured. Notice i didn't need a mirror. You'll see why in a minute.....

Step 1: Remove the hood. I have been told this makes no difference, but I can tell does. Take 30 seconds and have your wife help you. It will pay off.

Step 2: Remove throttle cable mount next to the spark plug wire

Step 3: Pull the spark plug wire which is hard to grab, but you can see it here.

Step 4: Stick an air hose down their and do your best to blow everything out of the spark plug hole that has built up over the years.

Step 5: Climb up to where the hood WOULD BE IN YOUR WAY and insert the extensions without the swivel.

Just use the breaker bar to get the spark plug loose. After its loose, use the swivel and another extension to loosen it up. Pay attention to the angle of the extension so it gives you a reference as to how to insert the new spark plug.

Step 6: Put the new spark plug in the socket and insert the plug into the hole. Use your fingers to spin the spark plug as much as possible.

Step 7:Tigthen the spark plug in the reverse way as said, insert the wire onto the plug and attach it to the distributor cap and you are done!!!

I tried to do all this with a mirror and the hood on and got really pissed off. It is worth the 2 minutes to remove the hood.

Is this sticky worthy? I hope. Thanks for all the help on everything else. This is a great forum!!!!

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