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6" Lift, Tire Size Recomendation

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I have a 2001 2.4l 2wd frontier. I have a 3" body lift and new UCA's and Shackels. Making it 6" in the front and 4.5" in the back. Now i know that bigger tires will slow me down so im gettin a wep-r intake and pacesetter headers to make up for the lost HP. I want to run a MT tire and Cragar soft 8 wheels from summit. I want to know if you all have any idea of what size tire and wheel combination would be the best for my truck. I was thinking of 32x1100x15 on 15x8 wheel.

Thanks for any help.
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what if i went to a 16x8 wheel and ran some other tire size?
does 1" of wheel weigh more than 1" of tire?

i figured it would reduce the load if there wasnt as much tire being pulled around. im not very smart at this stuff thats why im on here.
i dont really understand metric tire sizes. would a 265/70r-16 be a resonable size?

i coverted 32" to 812mm so idk how that works out.
i dont have it on just yet. im on vacaction now i'm hoping they will be there when i get home. but ill post soem pics once i get it on.
Tire Details - Discount Tire Direct

what about these here?

they are 32x1150x15, they are cheaper than the 33 edition of this tire.

and the cragar soft 8 15x8
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i found some i like a little better. if im paying 700bucks for tires they better last awhile.

they are these Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10. They only come in 33s and then it goes metic with 16" wheels if any of yall that know how metic works could look into this i would appreciate it. heres all the 16" wheel sizes.

LT215/85R16E1 115R W
P225/70R-16 101T OWL
LT225/75R16E1 115S W
P225/75R16 XL 106T W
P235/70R16 XL 107T W
P235/75R16 XL 109T W
LT235/85R16E1 120R W
P245/70R-16 106T OWL
LT245/75R16E1 120S W
P245/75R-16 109T OWL
P255/65R-16 106T OWL
P255/70R-16 109T OWL
LT265/70R16D2 110R W
P265/70R-16 111T OWL
LT265/75R16E1 123R B
P265/75R-16 114T OWL
LT285/75R16E1 127R W
LT305/70R16E2 124R W
LT315/75R16D2 121R W
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k im running 235/75/15 now, wouldn't 265/75/16 be good with 6" lift and new wheels?
Here's what your truck would look like with cragar soft 8's. Pictured with a 3" suspension lift and a missing front center cap:thumbsup:.
you got a V6 dont ya? Dont those sit higher than 4 bangers?

Still that truck looks fine. you got me exited lol.

Would i be able to clear these with my lifts i listed above?

Ratings, reviews and specifications for Hankook DynaPro ATM RF10 tires

these are actually pretty dang cheap for 33s.
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I haven't got the lifts on there yet they haven't even shipped the suspension. maybe i should just stick with 265/70/16 and run the same wheels as you because the 15" cragars have a 4in backspacing and that would probably rub with 33s.

and one more thing, how do you convert metric sizes to inches?
well right now i dont have any thing but stock with 235/70-15tires and a t-bar crank and i have 31 in front 30.5" in the rear. but like i said above, i dont have on anything yet. they havent even shipped my suspension parts yet.

another question, i thought for example on tire sizes LT245, the LT meant light truck and P245 meant like car or van. I saw yours was P does this letter even matter with sizing?
o, ok then.
yeah i definatley need to get the P then. i haul my foul wheeler in a trailer but thats not all that heavy. I need the least weight as possible.
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