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4X4 flashing

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Hi! This morning I noticed the 4X4 indicator flashing - not the orange light (That should work when engaged, right?) it's on the tach between the temp and oil gauges. Is it supposed to flash when not enaged? I've only recently had to use it and this is my first Frontier so i'm not really sure if this is normal. Hopefully i'm freaking out over nothing....Thanks in advance for any info.

2006 Frontier SE 4X4
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Check your manual, that one is when the system has an error in it. Are you sure it wasn't your slip light?

The normal one is the little axle/drive terrain graphic.
It was the slip light - is that bad? I have tried to find a Haynes manual for my truck but I guess they haven't come out yet. I hope I didn't mess anything up before I get to really play with it...regardless I think a trip for the light is in order. Knowing me - I'll forget it's in 4WD and go too fast. I was scared to drive it this morning but didn't have a choice in the matter. Thank you!
Ok, now that i'm finished freaking out - everything is normal and completely opposite from anything I have experienced with any other 4WD. Geez, if I flipped out that bad over a blinking light, I hate to think what will happen if anything does go wrong with my truck. I saved a copy of the owner manual that is supposed to come with the truck and will keep trying to find the service manual. Especially before i start doing anything to it. Thanks so much and everyone have a good week!
The slip light? No thats not bad, that is just telling you that your tires are slipping. The truck has ABLS in it, and it will apply the brake to the tire that is slipping to prevent slipping hehe. The light is blinking when its slipping, so you are all good!!
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