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4x4 Disc Rotors in OZ

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Hi All

Anyone know where I can get a set of drilled rotors in OZ for my 4x4 ?

Cheers Marty
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In my 2007 model, i have the soft pedal feel since new. At 20,000km I fitted DBA slotted and Bendix Heavy Duties. They were a significant improvement over the std brakes, but hardly what you would call impressive. Adequate, nothing else, with some increased resistance to fade, and lower pedal input force required.

In recent weeks there has been a materially drop off in performance. Truck now has 80,000km on it. Struggled to get the ABS to come on a dry road with 100% brake. Pedal basically on the floor and poor resistance to fade. Fresh hydraulic fluid (replaced twice) made little difference.

Solution. Move brake pedal closer to drivers seat. The brake pedals resting position should be 5mm below/behind the clutch pedal. Mine was 15mm. Adjust this up and it makes a reasonably difference to the brake pedal feel. Whilst in it own it does not increase the power of the brakes, the feel is much improved. The pedal firms up nicely. No more pedal to floor feeling. If you need instructions, PM me.

The second thing i did was replace the brake pads (50-60% worn) with ceramic pads from the US via ebay. This has made a noticeable difference to the braking performance. Much stiffer pedal, perception of greater retardation. No increase in braking noise. ABS easily comes on. Whilst i don't have prior data, the truck pulled 1G underbrakes on dry/damp road with cold A/T tyres. So its much better drive now, you actaully have confidence in the brakes the pedal input is much reduced. Its no sports car, but at least you feel you are going to stop at the lights!

Bottom line, adjust your pedal height and use fresh pads. Not sure why the pads had "gone off" so to speak. They have been used heavy (I'm a heavy driver, but don't take the brakes to fade point), and you could see the pad material coming away from the back plate on the extreme edges of the pads (indicative of many high temperature cycles). I can only think the volatile nature of the bonding agents at some point give up and the friction co-efficient decreases despite there being adequate meat on the pads.
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