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4pin to 7pin need info...

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I have a 2007 Nissan Frontier. It didn't come with a towing package. I have added a towing package to the truck. I bought the 4 pin kit with the relays and installed that. Now I am wanting a 7pin hook up. Are the relays with the 4 pin kit the same as what I would need to use the 7 pin hook up? I'm just wondering what I need to buy to convert my current setup to a 7pin. Ideally I would like to just buy the 7pin harness but I bet I won't come out that easy. Anyone have any info?
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If you look at's Youtube videos they have a lot of videos on their various parts for the D40 trucks. It looks like in addition to the ground pin, the relays for the lights are the same as tail lights, left and right turn/brake, and ground are present on both and controlled by the three relays. The other three pins are 12V constant, trailer brakes, and "Auxiliary" that appears to sometimes be used for reversing lights. These trucks appear to be prewired for the installation of a trailer brake controller, not sure if 12V constant or Aux are set up for anything or not.

Based on these assumptions I would expect that all you need to do is replace the 4-pin pigtail from the connector on the rear driver's side with a 7-pin pigtail.
I'm hoping all I need is the 7 pin pig tail. I did find the relay connections under the dash on the driver side for a trailer brake controller.

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