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4lo 1st gear issue 2012 Pro 4x

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I went to Uwharrie this past weekend, had a blast, but the truck did something funny. Toward the end of the day it seemed to freewheel in 1st. The trans stopped holding the truck back on down hills. When gas was applied it acted as normal, just as you took your foot off the pedal the rpms dropped to idle as if in D. Then later I tried it again and it seemed to work again. Anyone ever seen this?
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what gear can you switch to in 4lo? not to hijack the thread but whenever I put it in 4lo I just keep it in first manually as I feel 4lo is for super low speeds anyway? I'm a noob 4x4 so don't know the answer.

do you guys keep it in D and just let it switch normal? would it get to 3rd gear @ 15+ MPH?
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