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4 cyl. and V6 differences??

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Hey everybody, been lurking around here for a while soaking up all the knowledge this site has to offer.

A little background, up until about 3 weeks ago I had a 2001 KC 4 banger that was a great truck that I planned to never give up and drive until the wheels fell off. That was the plan until it was totaled (btw, never let anyone drive your truck! EVER!!). So now i got a 2010 KC SE 4 banger to replace it, its sitting at home waiting for me as i'm up at school waiting for spring break to go home and get it. (The wait is killing me!)

Anyway's with my first gen, there were differences between the I4 KC and V6 KC, frame and suspension wise. If I wanted to lift, it was either crank the torsion bars, or custom fab. But for the V6 there were a few lift kits available that would not work on a 4 banger.

So now that I have a '10, I have been doing a lot of research as to what mods I want to do (fog lights 1st). So I have been looking on what lifts are available and noticed people with 4 cyl are doing some of the same style lift as people with V6's are doing.

Which that brings me to my question, for 2nd gen KC. Are there any major differences, other than the drivetrain, between a KC I4 and a KC V6, both 2WD?? Such as suspension set up or anything else??

Thanks in advanced
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They are basically the same. Only difference is the brakes, wheel size and shocks. Past that there is nothing different that will affect a lift kit.
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Sorry to hear what happened but glad you're not hurt by the wreck.

Thanks for for quick rely. yea thats what i figured, but just wanted to make sure.
Is it auto or 6-speed? 4X4?

I have a KC SE 4 banger auto. I know there will probably be more differences comparing to a pro-4x, but comparing to a similar truck but with a V6, i guess they are similar with not many major differences.
pro 4x has little stiffer shocks and paper skid plates and bigger tires thats it.
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