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Stealership refuses to warranty Rear Cats. (Pre Cat)

Ok so here is the new BS from a Concord Nissan in New Hampshire.

The weld that holds the drivers side rear cat fell off (failed). I took the truck to Concord Nissan and Service Manager states that it is not a Cat and therefore not covered under the warranty. I called another Stealership and asked the same questions. They state that it is called a pre cat and that it is not covered. I asked the manager if I was to take the part off of the truck would Nissan VOID the warranty. He said yes and that it is needed for the truck to be Emmisions compliant. Well why the #$%^ is it not covered under emmisions warranty? Any suggestions?

Just got off the phone with Corporate Nissan, 1-800-NISSAN-1. Spoke with Mary Ann. She states that the part is call a Pre cat assembly and it is covered under the Federal emmisions warranty ( 8 yrs or 80k miles). Ref# 6586722.

So if any of you have this problem give that to your stealership. Now I have to get the service to actually complete this.

Just wanted to update the title.

Well after going round and round with the dealership the service manager agreed that it was a defective weld but would not agree that it was covered under the epa warranty. So he welded the flange and reset all the codes free of charge. Works for me!
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