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4-bangers: what size tires are you running?

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I am curious about who has 31's-33's on a 1st gen 4-banger. How much power loss did you notice? Do the larger tires slow you down too much to be tolerable? I have 30's on my truck now but am interested in sizing up at some point if I lift it, as long as I can still make it up hills and such.
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When I had 31s on my 98 kc 4cyl 4x4 6' bed 5 speed, it was able to do 65mph... Thats about it.... Not kidding. Up hill on the highway I would go to about 60mph full throttle 4th gear...

3in suspension lift, custom winch mount bumper, 8000lb winch... Not very aerodynamic.....

It was horrible, but thats just my expieriance.

accel was about like a smart car towing a 1000lb trailer
My 98, had 67,xxx mile on it too when I sold it... Put the 31x10.5x15 Goodyear Wrangler Dura-Tracs on at 59k....

I bought the truck from an elderly man in Iowa, he was old and he said he got it when his dad died.. I think the guy that owned the truck from 0-50k was his dad....

ALSO, I guess my speedometer was off about 3-5 mph with the 31s, so when I say I could go 65 i was probably actually doing 69-71mph....

when I went from stock (if i remember right) 235/70/15, to the 31s, the 31s weighed almost twice what the stock tires weighed.... Or close to double... I mounted and balanced them myself...

In snow and offroading I could only wheel in 4lo, It would straight up die or chug so bad in 4hi I only used it for on the streets in bad weather..

Of course I had manual lockouts (dont all 98 4x4s?) I would always turn them off in 2wd.

Although there was a major speed differance, ( I remember doing 80-90mph stock tires that took a while !) I actually kept the same miles per gallon, I was at 20-21mpg all the time city or highway.
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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