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4-bangers: what size tires are you running?

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I am curious about who has 31's-33's on a 1st gen 4-banger. How much power loss did you notice? Do the larger tires slow you down too much to be tolerable? I have 30's on my truck now but am interested in sizing up at some point if I lift it, as long as I can still make it up hills and such.
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235/75/15 with a 3.70 gear ratio...

There was a definate power loss in going to a larger tire. I have to downshift for every small incline i encounter. Also gas milage has gone down.

Im thinking if i keep the truck, ill change the rear end to a c200 with a 4.xx gear set.
i was under the impression that 265/70/15's were 29 inches tall?

anyways can anyone with a 4x4 4cyl truck post their rear end gear ratio?
i've seen a few 4cyl's 4x4 d22's with a 4.6X gears...
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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