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4-bangers: what size tires are you running?

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I am curious about who has 31's-33's on a 1st gen 4-banger. How much power loss did you notice? Do the larger tires slow you down too much to be tolerable? I have 30's on my truck now but am interested in sizing up at some point if I lift it, as long as I can still make it up hills and such.
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When I had 31s on my 98 kc 4cyl 4x4 6' bed 5 speed, it was able to do 65mph... Thats about it.... Not kidding. Up hill on the highway I would go to about 60mph full throttle 4th gear...

3in suspension lift, custom winch mount bumper, 8000lb winch... Not very aerodynamic.....

It was horrible, but thats just my expieriance.

accel was about like a smart car towing a 1000lb trailer
Wow. I hope that was because of your bumper and winch. I didn't notice a huge power loss when I moved from 235/70's to 30/9.5's. I wouldn't think that 31's would cause such a drastic change in power over 30's but then again I don't have hardly any extra weight.
If anyone can post their gear ratio I would also appreciate it.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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