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4/22/06: Open House @ Stillen's in Costa Mesa

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Went to the last event back in 11/12/05. There were a few Frontier's. A few pictures are posted below.....................
Here is a link to their site for futher info:


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IVORY_G said:
A few more pics..............
this looks like white4x4's truck. the same truck with PRG's spacer kit and had the prototype for the uper a-arms
mike said:
On the white one. What size tire is that? It looks bigger then a 265.
iirc, that truck is equiped with 305/70/16 Dunlop Mud Rovers. it's amazing that the tires have not come off the bead. they are way too wide for the 7" rim. i thought people were pushing it with 285s
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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