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Hey folks. Just wanting to post this here as an option for owners who are hesitant to jump to a 33 right away.

My goal for next year is to upgrade to a full suspension lift, but the factory rake kept bugging me so I picked up a leveling kit from Z1 Offroad in the meanwhile. On a whim, I started searching for lightly used tires off of FB Market and scored a great deal on a set of five take-offs from a local Jeep gal.

These are 255/75/R17s and they amount to a 32.1-inch tire. This is apparently the factory size off of the Willy's edition Wranglers and Gladiators, and a lot of owners upgrade to a larger size almost immediately, so there are usually tons of these being sold on FB. The set I bought only had 100 miles on them and were so new they still had the rubber whiskers on the outside.

Considering the popular 285/70/R17 comes out to roughly 32.8 inches, these aren't all that far off. You do lose some width though, so you'll have to be a fan of the skinny look. I'll jump to a 80-ratio tire in a year or two to get a true 33, but these will be fine for now.

No rubbing, but my madflaps were the first things to go when I got the truck. I'll also add wheel spacers soon to widen the stance a bit, but here you are in the meanwhile.

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