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2022 Nissan Frontier King Cab 4X4
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I've ran the same size tires for years. Previously on a 5th gen 4Runner and currently on my Frontier. As you note, this is the stock tire size on many wranglers which really helps us out since they are available as c-rated, so much lighter than e-rated alternatives. Jeep has also helped us out with 285/70 17s, which are now available in c-rated options too. But as you note, the 255/75 tire size is just slightly larger than stock while not being too much heavier.
Thing to note, if you do move to 255/80, all of those options are e-rated i believe. You'll gain ~7-10lbs PER TIRE from the current size you are running. That's quite significant when you consider the 255/75s are already about that much over the stock tires.
Your truck looks great. A favor though. Would you take a picture of the front tires looking rearward? I am trying to gauge the stance from the front. I am becoming more and more interested in these pizza cutters!
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